Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sneak Peak- Pleasanton Visit!!!

Last week I got to spend the week with my sister, oh yeah!! It was just the greatest week ever! I have yet to edit all my photos so here is a mini sneak peak of what our week together looked like!! The best right?!? My heart was so full all last week, especially in this picture!

Date Night Celebrating Friends!

My very dear friend Caitlin is getting married!! I could not be happier for her. She is actually marrying Brian who was my really good friend my freshman year of college. Brian lived in the dorms above me, and Cait lived in the dorms as well! The 3 of us were all friends individually and so I was so excited when over a year ago Cait called me to tell me she was dating Bri. The two of them are so prefect together, they are just the sweetest people I have ever met! They are getting married in September and I can not wait for the big day. They recently had an engagement party and it was a fun excuse to have a date night just Jimmy and I, and we even remembered to take a picture of the two of us( a little blurry but still)! I will say this having a baby you forget to take pictures of just the two of you! Cait and Bri- we can't wait for the big day! Love you both!! We were so honored to get to share in the celebration with you guys!

The Beach!

Friday Family Fun Day is probably my favorite day of the week. We wake up, get cozy and go get bagels, come home take a mid morning nap then get ready for the fun we are about to have. A few Fridays ago it was low 80's so we decided to head to the beach. We went to Honeys for lunch (YUM), we haven't been to honeys since right after Thatchy was born, and then walked to the beach to dip our toes in the sand and water. It was the first time that we have ever taken Thatchy to the beach and it is safe to say he LOVED it and we will be spending a lot more Family Fun Days and lots of time there this summer. Thatcher was so in awe of the water and sand he wouldn't even look up at me for a picture. I cant wait to see this guy this summer living it up (well sun screened of course my tall glass of milk!) at the beach!

10 months!

February was a funny month for Thatcher turning 20 months. Technically there are not ever 30 days in February so I wasn't really sure when to classify him as turning 10 months! Thatchy is still growing like a weed and becoming such a little ham-bone! He lately has been giving me the cheesiest grin showing off his teeth it kills me every time! Also, two days before he turned 10 months I walked into his room while he was supposed to be napping and he had pulled himself up!! I had been waiting for this day and it just crept up on me! It was so sweet though, he didn't know how to get down so he'd stand there crying until I could help him down. Within a few days he learned to sit and now is loving standing and sitting all the time. He also can "walk" or "take steps" if Jimmy or I are holding both of his hands. He really is just such a big kid now! He is still going strong with his 4 top teeth and 2 bottom, but has been very drolly lately. I can not wait to continue to see him grow these next two months before he turns 1!! Ahhhh I can't believe he will be 1 in less than 2 months!!!

A Visit From The Millards.

My very dear friend Lizzy and her husband Rich live in LA. Yes, I know LA is not that far from San Diego, but for some reason figuring out a weekend where 4 people have nothing going on is nearly impossible! Luckily for me Lizzy's parents live in Poway so whenever she comes in town to visit them I always score a visit!

It is always such a good time to catch up gabbing our faces off, eating yummy food and just sitting around playing with Thatchy! There is something so comfortable about old friends. You can talk all day about nothing and everything and when they leave still feel like you have so much to talk about. Also, you know your best friends when you live in two different cities but show up to hang out wearing almost the exact same outfit!

One day, I know it deep down Lizzy and I will live close together again (one can hope) and it would be such a dream! Lizzy and Rich we love you guys!

Thatchers First Snow!

Jimmy got the opportunity to lead worship for our churches high school camp/student venture camp the end of February. The camp was in big bear and since it was the end of February it had snowed the whole week leading up to when we got there! Also very randomly, I noticed when we went to the chapel that it looked familiar and soon realized we were at the same camp that I went to AWANA camp at. YIKES! Long story short but I had a terrible camp experience and never really recovered from it and years later I found myself at the same camp. It was totally funny how when I walked into the chapel I immediately felt homesick and like I was 10 again. I will say the more I was there the more I learned to like the camp.

Thatcher had never been in the snow before and so we were both so excited to see him play in the cold. I found a little snow suit on clearance at babies r us and was stoked about how easy it was to get him in and out of and also how cozy he was in it. He loved it! He even loved the snow once he got used to it! Overall, we had a really great time at camp, and on the way home were even lucky enough to stop and see grams for yummy lunch and hair!

A Day At The Park!

Thatcher is at a really fun age. I am loving how interactive he is becoming. A few weeks ago it was a beautiful and sunny day outside so we decided to hit up the park. Unfortunately the park in walking distance doesn't have swings, so we had to drive around looking for bucket swings available. We wound up at Kit Carson Park. I didn't realize what a fun/nice park they built there. We grew up going there watching my sister play softball games so all I really remembered about Kit Carson was the snack shack. I was stoked to see the amazing play ground they have, and its not too far!

Thatcher really loves the swings. He smiles so big and laughs while I push him. It may be one of my new favorite things!

Valentines Day 2012.

This Valentines Day was a very special one for me. I was lucky enough to have two valentines, my amazing husband and my adorable little man. They both made me feel beyond loved and special! Im pretty sure we celebrated at least 4 times this year! We had a family date, Jimmy and I had a date, we celebrated with my parents and siblings, and we enjoyed an all red meal on Valentines day. My mom always made valentines day super special for us as kids making dinner out of red and or pink food and getting us a little red gift. When we were kids it was so fun because we almost every year would get McDonalds bucks! The best.

I must say, I am surrounded by lots of love and could not be more thankful. I have amazing family and friends and love spending time with them celebrating love!

Long Over Due Catch Up Coming Soon!

I have been majorly slacking on the blogging lately, and I have so much to catch up on it seems almost too overwhelming to start. I sure hope my brain can remember all the fun we've had in the last month and a half. For now, a sleeping picture of my little man. There is nothing that warms my heart more than sleeping babe pictures.