Sunday, March 18, 2012

Date Night Celebrating Friends!

My very dear friend Caitlin is getting married!! I could not be happier for her. She is actually marrying Brian who was my really good friend my freshman year of college. Brian lived in the dorms above me, and Cait lived in the dorms as well! The 3 of us were all friends individually and so I was so excited when over a year ago Cait called me to tell me she was dating Bri. The two of them are so prefect together, they are just the sweetest people I have ever met! They are getting married in September and I can not wait for the big day. They recently had an engagement party and it was a fun excuse to have a date night just Jimmy and I, and we even remembered to take a picture of the two of us( a little blurry but still)! I will say this having a baby you forget to take pictures of just the two of you! Cait and Bri- we can't wait for the big day! Love you both!! We were so honored to get to share in the celebration with you guys!


  1. you're so cute emili. Make those date nights a habit!

  2. You guys make such a great couple. Lexi just came in and asked if he was your prince :)