Monday, October 17, 2011


On September 28th I turned 26. Its crazy to me because in my mind I have a certain age I feel everyone in my family is and when I realize I am 26 it kinda blows my mind. For example, my dad and mom are always 42, Chris is 25, Lisa is 23, I am 18 and Bud is 15. Weird for many reasons but it is just the age my mind is stuck on. In reality, we are all not those ages and we are so different from who we were at those ages. Chris is going to be a dad in January, Lisa is a mom to two, I am a mother, Bud is 23 which in itself blows my mind and my parents are grandparents. Crazy beans.

Anyway, that was a tangent. For my birthday I felt so very loved. Prior to my birthday Jimmys family threw me a very sweet birthday party with the whole family (except for Scott, we missed him). It was really nice. On my actual birthday Thatcher and I hung out and went for a walk. Later that night Jimmy, Thatcher my dad, mom and I went out to dinner at Hacienda De Vega and then went to Baskin Robbins for dessert. YUM!! The Friday after my birthday we celebrated with my siblings at my parents house (minus my sissy, scott and wy- who were dearly missed i will say). I just love celebrating my birthday with family. It is the way to do it!!

The Sunday after my birthday we celebrated my birthday with my dear friend Mallory. Her birthday is a few days after mine so we made dinner at their house and celebrated. Mallory just had a sweet baby girl so it was fun to celebrate our first birthday being moms together.

A few days later, my mom, Thatcher and I went up to my grandma's to celebrate my birthday with her. We did hair, hung out, ate yummy food and went to target. A great day in my book!!

A few days after that my dear friend Jenna came over for some hang out time and then a girls night out to dinner. Jenna also shares a September birthday with me- 11 days apart! We had not seen each other in a while (being grown up and having two different schedules can be stressful at times!) so it was super good to catch up. We went to Macaroni Grill and ate some yummy food and chatted our hearts out. I always enjoy my time with Jenna. She is one of those friends that you never run out of things to chat about. Also I am so excited to say Jenna's love of her life Paulo has finally arrived and I can not wait to meet him!!

My last awesome birthday celebration was just a week ago (yes, i stretched my celebrating out!) when Lizzy came into town to meet her friends baby and pit stopped at my house to get some yummy pie and girl-time in while celebrating her 25th and my 26th. Lizzy and I could have gabbed our faces off until the pie shop closed.

All that to say, I felt very loved and very special on this 26th birthday of mine. Thank you to everyone who loved me so much!! I am so thankful for everyone I have in my life!

Sadly I only snapped two photos during all of my celebrating. One of Thatcher on our walk, and one of him at home later that day. But I sure do love pictures of my guy!!


  1. You're pretty . Me love you too!

  2. We celebrated with dinner toooooo!!!!

  3. Homes! You are right! Im such a scatter brain these days. It has been added to the post!! Love you mucho!!!