Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear Thatcher,

Please come out soon. We really want to meet you!


Dad & Mom

Sunday, April 10, 2011

37 Weeks and Flower Fields!!

This past Friday I turned 37 weeks!! Can you believe it? I cant!! Thatcher can come at any point now, which is so crazy and so exciting all at the same time! We can not wait to meet him! Every night before we fall asleep we wonder if it is the night we have been waiting for. (By the way, I am now officially a stay at home mom! Monday started my life as a stay at home mom and I could not be more excited!)

Friday morning I had my check up and now I will start to go to the doctor every week. I asked the Dr. if he thought that I would have Thatcher this week and he smiled and laughed and told me I definitely have at the very least a week more, but most likely more than a week. As bummed as we were, we want Thatch to take all the time he needs to grow healthy in my tummy!

After the doctor, Jimmy and I went out to breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast joints, Beach Grass. The food was sooo yummy! We got bomb french toast and a feta, mushroom, spinach scramble as well as a blackberry muffin to go for a snack later in the day. It was a great start to a fun day.

After breakfast we walked across the street to Cedros in Solana Beach and window shopped. It was such a nice slightly breezy day it felt so good to be walking around outside. After Cedros, we decided it was the perfect day to go to the Carlsbad flower fields and look at the beautiful ranunculus. Before we did that, we walked to get something to drink and did a little more window shopping at the Carlsbad outlets. After we walked around, we drove over to the flower fields. I switched my shoes and put on my rain gloshies and off we were! The flower fields were a little more of an up-hill walk than I remembered but it was so fun and we were in no rush, so we took lots of breaks! The flowers were so beautiful and so vibrant it made me wish that I had a flower garden at home. Maybe soon!

In other exciting news we painted the house about a month ago, pictures will be coming soon, I just have to take some!