Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Can I just say that I feel like my little Thatcher Ace is growing like a weed these days? Every day he is becoming more and more alert and active it is just blowing my mind. This week he started really rolling over. He has rolled over a time or two before but now it is on a whole new level. He can now roll from his tummy to his back and from his back to his tummy (not in a row). It is so cute to see him becoming more interactive with Jimmy and I. He is also gaining such good strength in his neck. The minute I set him down on his play mat he lifts his neck to look at me. Im so proud of him!

This weekend was a little crazy and different. Thursday all of San Diego lost their power. It was kinda intense but fun at the same time. Jimmy, Thatcher and I decided to pack our stuff and head to my parents house to try to keep cool. I love our house but with original windows from the 1950's with no screens and no air conditioning with a little babe did not sound like the ideal night to me. It was much cooler at my parents house and we even let Thatcher dip his little toes into the pool. We sat by the bonfire in the back and were visited by my Aunt, Uncle and cousin. It was a really fun adventure and luckily the power came back on around 11 p.m.

Friday we got to do something I have been waiting for 9 months to do. We got to meet Penelope!!! Our dear friends Phil and Mallory's baby girl was born on Thursday morning. Jimmy and I could not be happier them! We are so excited that Thatcher and Penelope will be the best of friends! It has been so fun for Mallory and I to be pregnant together, I am now even more excited to be moms together. It is the best to have such close friends be going through the same life stage with you. Penelope was amazing. She is the most beautiful little babe and I am just so proud of Mallory. She is such a good momma already! Penelope was the highlight of my weekend. I could not sleep I was so excited to meet her!

Saturday we just hung out until Saturday night when we went over to the Andrews for my Uncles birthday party. It is so fun that my Aunt and Uncle and cousins live so close and that we are able to spend so much time together with them. Saturday night I took my mom to the airport because she was going to visit Lisa for the weekend. LUCKY!

Sunday, we enjoyed a family walk and relaxed which is what Sundays are meant for. And just like that the crazy weekend was over, and back reality. I just LOVE the weekends.

Seriously though, Thatcher is such a big boy. After seeing Penelope its hard to remember when he was such a small, cozy, snuggly guy. Time flies too fast. I just love my little man so much!! Those eyes, they melt me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crazy Sleeper.

Every time I check on little Thatcher Ace during his nap he is sleeping in a different position. Even better, when I go to get my little Thatchy up from his nap I am greeted with a smile! Oh how I love that crazy mongoose.

4 Day Weekend.

This weekend was so much fun! Jimmy always has Fridays off of work and since Monday was Labor Day that meant 4 day weekend for us. Hooray!

Friday we went to bagels in the morning then went to visit my mom at work and ended up hanging out at the mall for a little and having lunch with her. Thatcher just loves his grammie, so spending time with her is always so much fun. After that we had Thatchers 4 month check up, followed by a low key night at home.

Saturday we had to go pick up a birthday present for bud, because his birthday was Sunday. We decided that we wanted to have family date night at Hacienda De Vega. We woke Thatcher up at 6 o'clock then put our fancy clothes on and went out to dinner. Very randomly Chris and Katie showed up at the restaurant about half way through our meal and got seated right behind us! What are the odds right? It was a fun surprise for see them and baby Andrews.

Sunday after church we went to my parents for a back yard BBQ for buds birthday. We laid out and Thatcher went for a swim in this really awesome floaty that my mom got. We enjoyed yummy food and wonderful company. Its always so nice to spend time at my parents!

Monday we had every intention of going to breakfast and laying out and swimming art our friend Phil and Mallory's house except the weather way LAME on Monday. It didn't stop us from having the best hang time ever. We went to breakfast at Hillstreet Cafe in Oceanside then went back to the Wickhams and Mallory and I made monkey bread for the boys while Thatch man slept. It was the perfect low key hang out day that we wanted!

Tuesday was back to our normal routine around here. I will say this, grammie bought Thatcher Ace his first halloween costume and it is amazing!!! You will just have to wait and see what the little guy is going to be!

Friday, September 2, 2011

4 Months.

On Tuesday our little Thatcher Ace turned 4 months. Crazy. All day on Tuesday I kept thinking, 4 months ago I was in labor. That is crazy to me for a few reasons. One, I can not believe its already been 4 months, and two, sometimes I don't realize I have labored and delivered a child. I know it sounds weird, but I think because I slept mostly all day the day that I was in labor sometimes it is so crazy to think about. Does that make any sense or am I just sounding so weird? Ha.

Today, we had Thatchers 4 month well-check. We have a really awesome peditrician. He takes his time with us and never makes us feel like we are asking too many questions, or like he doesn't have time for us. I being a new mom am very thankful for that. Ive been anxiously waiting getting Thatch's "stats". I am first off happy to announce he is very healthy and is growing right on track! Thatcher weighs 14 pound 10 oz, and is in the 47%, he is 25 1/4 inches long and is in the 64%, and his head is 42.5 cm and in the 58%. We asked the doctor if he thought Thatch was teething because he is so drolly lately and always has something in his mouth. He said that usually around 4 months a lot of babies "mock teethe", where they have all of the symptoms of teething but teeth don't actually come in until 7 or so months. It was very interesting to hear. Thatcher also got some shots today. Sad. So sad. He only got two today and at first when the nurse shot his little leg it didn't affect him. Two seconds later he scrunched his whole face and held his breathe while she gave him the last shot then belted out a huge sad cry. Broke my heart. Poor guy. Luckily this time he didn't get any knots in his legs from the shots, and he was in his happy mood when we went on our family walk tonight.

I took this picture of our little mongoose in the sink tonight after bath. I look at it and seriously can not believe how big (and handsome) he is. I just LOVE him. Those eyes melt my heart.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Lizzy!

My best friend Lizzy Millard turns 25 today!!! A very special and happy birthday Lizzy. We LOVE you so much and could not imagine life without you.

Lizzy and I met in middle school. In 8th grade we were in Mr. Aubrey's Spanish class together. In high school Lizzy and I were still friends but we had two different friend groups. (its high school, remember those silly days of different friend groups). Our junior year of high school I would say "our love for each other blossomed". Lizzy agrees with me on this one. We were in air band together (yes, I did air band hahah). Our air band was Alice in Wonderland theme. It was then that Lizzy and I began to hang out more and more after practice and we began having slumber parties. Lizzy was the only friend that my mom allowed to have a sleepover during the week. It was a pretty big deal at the time. One morning Lizzy even wore my face makeup to school which is funny because we are two completely different shades of makeup!!

Throughout high school Lizzy and I became closer and closer. We jokingly would call each other "girlfriend" for many reasons. We would go out to dinner and movies together and due to the fact that I never had a boyfriend in high school Lizzy was my stand in date for all my family functions and dinners. We even went to Santa Barbara for Valentines then went up to San Luis Obispo to continue our mini vacation. Hahah. It sounds weird but to us it was totally normal.

Lizzy was also the first friend to be invited to come on family vacation with us. We went to Maui and Lizzy got burn as a lobster and I turned about 10 shades darker tan. We remained friends when we went to college. Lizzy went to ASU and I went to Cal State. I even went to visit her in AZ with our friend Maggie. It was my first trip driving out of state alone. Lizzy went to dinner with my family right when I got home from Africa. She was there to hear all my stories.

We on occasion would loose touch but some how we always managed to reconnect and pick up where we left off. That is a true sign of a real friendship. We even became roommates when we were 21 and 22. Lizzy was going to SDSU and I was going to Paul Mitchell The School. We lived in the cutest little two bedroom in Kensington and made so many memories. Lets be honest Lizzy and I would eat milk duds, gummy bears, chips, fruit snacks, and soda for dinner. So healthy right?

While we were living in Kensington we both started dating the men we are married to now. We actually started dating them about 2 and a half months apart. We even got engaged about 2 months apart too. It is so fun to see how much our lives have changed and how we come in and out of each others lives and still remained so close.

There is something so heart warming about knowing someone for 10 plus years. There is an unspoken love, understanding and comfort.

Lizzy is now married and lives in LA. Distance won't keep us apart. Lizzy still to this day remains one of my closest, dearest friends. I could spend all day telling stories of our memories. I am so happy for Lizzy and it has been so special to see her grow up and mature and turn into the woman the Lord created her to be. She is living her life for Christ and I could not be more excited to continue to watch her grow and see where the Lord takes her in life.

Lizzy- I love you and am so happy we are "girlfriends". Happy Happy 25th birthday!!

Sneak Peek of our Week.

This week has been flying past us!

So far this week we have enjoyed REALLY hot weather. On Monday, Thatcher and I drove grandma home and had yummy lunch with her. To cool us down from the hot weather Jimmy, Thatcher and I treated ourselves to yummy shave ice when we got back into town. We branched out this week and we got mango, guava and piña colada flavor with coconut ice cream. Yum.

On Tuesday I decided I wanted to make some cookies. Lisa won a cookie contest with a new chocolate chip cookie recipe, so I asked her for it. I have to say these were the BEST cookies I have had in a long time! In the mid afternoon, Thatcher and I walked to farmers market with Emily Leon and were visited by bud afterward. Tuesday night Jimmy, Thatcher and I went to Solana Beach to watch Jimmy film a video blog for his record label. Our very talented friend Tim shot the video and we were able to hang out with him and his wife for a while after. I will post a link to the video once it is up!

Also on Tuesday, Thatcher turned 4 months. Can you believe it? I sure can't. My little snuggly baby is now a little munchkin. It never ceases to amaze me how much he continues to change. We are going to the doctor Friday for his 4 month check up so I will update his percentiles on Friday.

Wednesday Thatch and I were lucky to go visit with my friend Julie who just had a baby named Grayson. He is only two and a half weeks old and he is just so snuggly and adorable. It was so nice to just sit and talk about being a new mom. I do have to say, Thatcher Ace looked like a TANK compared to a little 17 day old. It was so cute!!

I have some exciting but sad news, Jimmy and I have officially finished the whole Friday Night Lights series. I know its weird to write about a TV show, but I am seriously going to miss coach Taylor and the Dillon Panthers/ East Dillon Lions. If anyone is in need of a good show, seriously consider FNL! We LOVED it!! Hahaha. Ok enough about that!

And that has been our week so far.

The Little Tiny.

While I was pregnant with Thatcher, I discovered that a friend of my sister and myself from high school had a really awesome blog. Her name is Alison and she is very crafty. She makes these wonderful mobiles (and lots of other fun goodies). I have wanted her leather triangle mobile for so long! She had an auction on her blog and was auctioning off the exact mobile that I wanted for Thatcher's room. I am happy to announce that we won the auction and on Monday afternoon our mobile arrived!!

I love it even more in person and it was just the item we needed to complete little Thatcher Ace's room. Alison was so sweet and also included a pair of her hand died Ombrè socks, which I LOVE. You can check out Alison's awesome blog here or her adorable etsy shop here. Thank you Alison, we are beyond excited with our goodies!