Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Home!

We have been living in the beautiful Escondido for a little over 2 months. I do have to say I would have never expected to live in Escondido but the longer we live there the more I enjoy it. It really does have a small town feel, which Jimmy and I love. We are feeling like we have community especially being so much closer to the church. It is so nice for Jimmy to have a 3 minute commute to work! We also discovered that Escondido has a farmers market every Tuesday that we enjoy walking to and picking out fresh flowers and getting fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade!

One thing that we have really enjoyed doing lately is finding old furniture at thrift stores, or using furniture that we already had and painting it and fixing it up. Our house is now completely decorated and we feel very cozy in our house! So far we have painted a tall dresser/chest thing (im not sure what to call it) bright teal. We also shabby chic-ed our kitchen table. We painted it white and bought a bench seat so we could sit now 7 people over for dinner. We then sanded it down so it looked a little used. We also hit the jack pot and found an old bed frame for our guest room. We got it 50% off! We also got two end tables that we sanded and painted all of it white. We also found some rad blue shelves for the guest room along with the art from LA. We love painting and seeing the potential of furniture. It has become a fun hobby that we love to do together. It has been fun to see both of our styles mix into one.

And so here it is complete & (lots..sorry) of our home!

We forgot to take pictures of the master bedroom but hey those will come later!

Sissy & Spring Break 2010!

I had the whole week after Easter off! It was such a wonderful vacation especially because my sissy and the baby (who is still in her tummy!) came to visit for 10 whole days! The Thursday before Easter we had a big Andrews gathering because Kristina and Jason were in town from Napa. Everyone came over and ate dinner. Its so fun when we all are able to get together and catch up. I love you all cousins and brothers and sis!

We had Grammy here with us from Good Friday until the Day after easter, so it felt like we were complete (minus Scott, we really missed you!). We had a beautiful Easter. We went to church and enjoyed great worship and a great message from Pastor Dennis. We then came home and we all relaxed, then had an Easter egg hunt with prizes for the winner and loser. Chris was the winner and Lisa the loser. They both won prizes and Bud, Katie, Jimmy and I stayed in the middle finding around 30 eggs each! We had such a yummy dinner and just enjoyed being with one another.

The week was so enjoyable. My mom, sissy and I just hung out everyday. We ran our basic errands, went to the movies, and out to lunch. We were super lucky and some days Dad took time off of work to come meet us! I wish I had taken pictures of the week, but my camera was dead and in all the fun I totally forgot. I have two pictures.

Also in great news....ITS A BOY!!!! Lisa and Scott just found out this week that the little baby in sissy's belly is a BOY! Jimmy and I could not be more excited for sis and Scott. We are so excited to meet our soon to be nephew. We love him so much already, and we can not wait to see how many blessings the Lord is going to bless Scott and Lisa with through this baby. I have really been focusing lately how amazing our God is and how he is continually providing and blessing our family! We are so thankful for our family. Scott and Lisa, we LOVE you guys so much!

Suprise Trip To Los Angeles!

I have to say I have an amazing husband. On March 26th Jimmy surprised me with a weekend get-away to LA! We have always wanted to explore and see what LA was all about but neither of us had really ever had the opportunity. Jimmy planned the whole weekend and he did such an amazing job. We left Friday right after I got off work at 1:00 and we got to Beverly Hills where we were staying around 5:30. Yes, we hit MAJOR traffic! We stayed at a very quaint hotel I would greatly recommend to anyone looking to stay in Beverly Hills called "The Avalon". I think it was an old 3 story apartment that they turned into a super retro hotel. When we got there we decided to take a walk and see where we were. We got to walk down Rodeo drive and even went to the first ever Sprinkles cupcakes! Yummy!!! Jimmy decided that Friday was our special night so we asked the front desk where a yummy sushi place was. We ended up going to a sushi/asian fusion place called Nobu. It was sooo yummy! We did a little bit of driving around just seeing what LA was like. It is so different from San Diego I had no idea.

The next day we went to Santa Monica. It was such a beautiful sunny day. We found a little bagel shop on the way and ate as we were headed to the pier. We walked on the pier which looked very familiar to be from TV and the Hannah Montanna movie (one of Jimmy and my personal favorites!). We rode of the ferris wheel and even on the carousel. It was awesome, very much reminded me of enjoying things like when we were kids. After the pier we went and walked on third street promenade. There were soooo many people walking around it was nuts. We did a little shopping until lunch time and then we ate at "Falafel King" and sat outside enjoying our falafel sandwiches watching the street entertainment.

We then decided to go check out Silverlake, which we had heard great things about. We walked around there for a little bit and enjoyed looking at a lot of fun vintage items. We were super lucky and found some rad art for our guest room in the cutest sewing shop!

We then decided we needed a starbucks break and I was introduced to the amazing Passion Tea Lemonade sweetened with Rasberry. I had never had it with rasberry before and it is life-changing! On our way home we decided we wanted to see where LA ink was filmed (high voltage tattoo), so we map quested it and stopped in to get Jimmy a shirt. It is crazy how much bigger it looks on TV.

After a long but amazing day we made it back to the hotel and got freshened up. We decided we were done driving for the day so we walked to Cheesecake factory on Rodeo Drive.

Sunday morning we sadly packed up and headed back to reality. We had such an amazing time exploring and seeing new things. It was the perfect time for us to take a mini vacation because we later that week celebrated our 6 months of being married and we also celebrated Jimmy officially being on staff at Emmanuel Faith! God has blessed us with so much, and we are so thankful!

Wedding Season!

On March 6, 2010 my dear friend Lizzy married Rich! Liz did an amazing job planning a beautiful wedding enjoyed by all who attended. I had the honor of being the matron of honor with our good friend Lauren being the maid of honor. The Lord blessed Liz and Rich with a beautiful day of sunshine amidst the rain in other parts of San Diego. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Millard the Robeson's LOVE you guys!

We also had another wedding in March. Two weeks later a good friend from bible study Abby and James got married! Jimmy and I love to go to weddings because we are so excited for all of our friends. We love having such good friends to walk through life with! Another congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Vas Dias! (I couldn't sneek a picture of the bride and groom because I only had my phone! The only one photo i got was of Jimmy and I in pure excitement driving to the wedding!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Updates coming soon! I know I know, its been a while but they will be up VERY soon!