Friday, October 28, 2011

Thatchers First Harvest Party.

Tonight was a very fun and special night. Thatcher attended his first Harvest Party!! Every year our church Emmanuel Faith puts on a Harvest Party for our community in Escondido. I have never been but was very excited to take Thatcher. I am excited for this to become one of the Robeson family traditions!!

For Thatchers first dress up party he was a little monster. I must say he was the cutest little monster I have ever seen! The first time Jimmy and I put him in his costume he was about 4 months old and was so tiny in it I was so surprised to see how much he has grown! The costume fit him perfectly and he actually loved being in it! No tears for our little monster.

We invited my parents to join us for the harvest party and they were excited to come! I made pizzas and salad for dinner (side note: I made the pioneer woman roasted vegetable pizza and jimmy, my mom and dad all said it was the best pizza they had ever had!! I can't take the credit I just followed the recipe, but if you like veggies and pizza check it out!). After dinner we got Thatchy ready and headed off to the party. I was so amazed at how many cute costumed kids were running around the church campus. I and definitely looking forward to next year when Thatcher realizes what is going on! We saw friends and walked around until it was time for Thatcher to eat. When we were leaving we decided to go get pie for dessert. YUM. Pie and Thatcher dressed in his halloween costume, what could make for a better night? All in all it was a very successful night and I am looking forward to putting Thatcher in his costume again on Monday!


  1. How cute! I can't get enough of that chevron wall, how did you hubby do it so perfectly??? impressive!

  2. Melanie! Thank you!! Your house is pretty amazing if I do say so myself!:) Jimmy just measured then made a grid on the wall with chalk, then taped it off then painted it. He likes math so he said it was pretty fun and he was able to do it it one day!!

  3. i love these pics!! maybe i should bring wys costume down again even though halloween will have passed!?!?

  4. sis, please do!! I was actually thinking that hahaha.