Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our invites

Are so beautiful!!! Thanks Amber!

-- The (soon to be) Robesons

Here comes the bride

35 days and counting

It's pretty crazy to think we are getting married in a month. We are getting all set up in our new house in North Park (which Jimmy is already living in... Lucky!)

Today we were very handy as we painted our chandelier white. We bought a really cool chandelier last year at an antique store but had nowhere to hang it... Now we do! Let's hope it still works!

With most wedding plans done we spend our time counting down the days till married-dom! The last of the wedding meetings are next week. I (Jimmy) cannot wait for the cake testing! Chocolate! Chocolate! Lots of chocolate!

We had an amazing photoshoot on Monday with Gary and Courtney Christensen. Check out the pictures their blog:

This whole blog world is so cool. We were talking about our blog with no posts on it tonight so I decided to share the latest with you all tonight before bed.

By the way We cannot wait to see you at the wedding!

-- The (soon to be) Robesons