Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thatchers First Snow!

Jimmy got the opportunity to lead worship for our churches high school camp/student venture camp the end of February. The camp was in big bear and since it was the end of February it had snowed the whole week leading up to when we got there! Also very randomly, I noticed when we went to the chapel that it looked familiar and soon realized we were at the same camp that I went to AWANA camp at. YIKES! Long story short but I had a terrible camp experience and never really recovered from it and years later I found myself at the same camp. It was totally funny how when I walked into the chapel I immediately felt homesick and like I was 10 again. I will say the more I was there the more I learned to like the camp.

Thatcher had never been in the snow before and so we were both so excited to see him play in the cold. I found a little snow suit on clearance at babies r us and was stoked about how easy it was to get him in and out of and also how cozy he was in it. He loved it! He even loved the snow once he got used to it! Overall, we had a really great time at camp, and on the way home were even lucky enough to stop and see grams for yummy lunch and hair!

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