Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Visit From The Millards.

My very dear friend Lizzy and her husband Rich live in LA. Yes, I know LA is not that far from San Diego, but for some reason figuring out a weekend where 4 people have nothing going on is nearly impossible! Luckily for me Lizzy's parents live in Poway so whenever she comes in town to visit them I always score a visit!

It is always such a good time to catch up gabbing our faces off, eating yummy food and just sitting around playing with Thatchy! There is something so comfortable about old friends. You can talk all day about nothing and everything and when they leave still feel like you have so much to talk about. Also, you know your best friends when you live in two different cities but show up to hang out wearing almost the exact same outfit!

One day, I know it deep down Lizzy and I will live close together again (one can hope) and it would be such a dream! Lizzy and Rich we love you guys!

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