Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Lizzy!

My best friend Lizzy Millard turns 25 today!!! A very special and happy birthday Lizzy. We LOVE you so much and could not imagine life without you.

Lizzy and I met in middle school. In 8th grade we were in Mr. Aubrey's Spanish class together. In high school Lizzy and I were still friends but we had two different friend groups. (its high school, remember those silly days of different friend groups). Our junior year of high school I would say "our love for each other blossomed". Lizzy agrees with me on this one. We were in air band together (yes, I did air band hahah). Our air band was Alice in Wonderland theme. It was then that Lizzy and I began to hang out more and more after practice and we began having slumber parties. Lizzy was the only friend that my mom allowed to have a sleepover during the week. It was a pretty big deal at the time. One morning Lizzy even wore my face makeup to school which is funny because we are two completely different shades of makeup!!

Throughout high school Lizzy and I became closer and closer. We jokingly would call each other "girlfriend" for many reasons. We would go out to dinner and movies together and due to the fact that I never had a boyfriend in high school Lizzy was my stand in date for all my family functions and dinners. We even went to Santa Barbara for Valentines then went up to San Luis Obispo to continue our mini vacation. Hahah. It sounds weird but to us it was totally normal.

Lizzy was also the first friend to be invited to come on family vacation with us. We went to Maui and Lizzy got burn as a lobster and I turned about 10 shades darker tan. We remained friends when we went to college. Lizzy went to ASU and I went to Cal State. I even went to visit her in AZ with our friend Maggie. It was my first trip driving out of state alone. Lizzy went to dinner with my family right when I got home from Africa. She was there to hear all my stories.

We on occasion would loose touch but some how we always managed to reconnect and pick up where we left off. That is a true sign of a real friendship. We even became roommates when we were 21 and 22. Lizzy was going to SDSU and I was going to Paul Mitchell The School. We lived in the cutest little two bedroom in Kensington and made so many memories. Lets be honest Lizzy and I would eat milk duds, gummy bears, chips, fruit snacks, and soda for dinner. So healthy right?

While we were living in Kensington we both started dating the men we are married to now. We actually started dating them about 2 and a half months apart. We even got engaged about 2 months apart too. It is so fun to see how much our lives have changed and how we come in and out of each others lives and still remained so close.

There is something so heart warming about knowing someone for 10 plus years. There is an unspoken love, understanding and comfort.

Lizzy is now married and lives in LA. Distance won't keep us apart. Lizzy still to this day remains one of my closest, dearest friends. I could spend all day telling stories of our memories. I am so happy for Lizzy and it has been so special to see her grow up and mature and turn into the woman the Lord created her to be. She is living her life for Christ and I could not be more excited to continue to watch her grow and see where the Lord takes her in life.

Lizzy- I love you and am so happy we are "girlfriends". Happy Happy 25th birthday!!


  1. My birthday is Oct 19th. Enough said.

  2. LOL at mamacita's comment!!!! OMG OMG OMG, EM seriously--this made me cry! I feel so special that you dedicated a blog post to me. :) I love you more than words can express girlfriend! Seriously, all of our stories are hilarious. Remember, "lizzy i just want kisses" and how you'd make fun of my harmonizing on the way to froyo? Ahh--so many good ones!! Adore you and our memories together. Love you!