Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Little Tiny.

While I was pregnant with Thatcher, I discovered that a friend of my sister and myself from high school had a really awesome blog. Her name is Alison and she is very crafty. She makes these wonderful mobiles (and lots of other fun goodies). I have wanted her leather triangle mobile for so long! She had an auction on her blog and was auctioning off the exact mobile that I wanted for Thatcher's room. I am happy to announce that we won the auction and on Monday afternoon our mobile arrived!!

I love it even more in person and it was just the item we needed to complete little Thatcher Ace's room. Alison was so sweet and also included a pair of her hand died Ombrè socks, which I LOVE. You can check out Alison's awesome blog here or her adorable etsy shop here. Thank you Alison, we are beyond excited with our goodies!

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