Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Can I just say that I feel like my little Thatcher Ace is growing like a weed these days? Every day he is becoming more and more alert and active it is just blowing my mind. This week he started really rolling over. He has rolled over a time or two before but now it is on a whole new level. He can now roll from his tummy to his back and from his back to his tummy (not in a row). It is so cute to see him becoming more interactive with Jimmy and I. He is also gaining such good strength in his neck. The minute I set him down on his play mat he lifts his neck to look at me. Im so proud of him!

This weekend was a little crazy and different. Thursday all of San Diego lost their power. It was kinda intense but fun at the same time. Jimmy, Thatcher and I decided to pack our stuff and head to my parents house to try to keep cool. I love our house but with original windows from the 1950's with no screens and no air conditioning with a little babe did not sound like the ideal night to me. It was much cooler at my parents house and we even let Thatcher dip his little toes into the pool. We sat by the bonfire in the back and were visited by my Aunt, Uncle and cousin. It was a really fun adventure and luckily the power came back on around 11 p.m.

Friday we got to do something I have been waiting for 9 months to do. We got to meet Penelope!!! Our dear friends Phil and Mallory's baby girl was born on Thursday morning. Jimmy and I could not be happier them! We are so excited that Thatcher and Penelope will be the best of friends! It has been so fun for Mallory and I to be pregnant together, I am now even more excited to be moms together. It is the best to have such close friends be going through the same life stage with you. Penelope was amazing. She is the most beautiful little babe and I am just so proud of Mallory. She is such a good momma already! Penelope was the highlight of my weekend. I could not sleep I was so excited to meet her!

Saturday we just hung out until Saturday night when we went over to the Andrews for my Uncles birthday party. It is so fun that my Aunt and Uncle and cousins live so close and that we are able to spend so much time together with them. Saturday night I took my mom to the airport because she was going to visit Lisa for the weekend. LUCKY!

Sunday, we enjoyed a family walk and relaxed which is what Sundays are meant for. And just like that the crazy weekend was over, and back reality. I just LOVE the weekends.

Seriously though, Thatcher is such a big boy. After seeing Penelope its hard to remember when he was such a small, cozy, snuggly guy. Time flies too fast. I just love my little man so much!! Those eyes, they melt me.


  1. Great blog post honey! I love our life together!! ;)

  2. thatch is such a big boy! it blows my mind. i love the top porch picture, such a pretty momma and cute baby boy!