Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sissy & Spring Break 2010!

I had the whole week after Easter off! It was such a wonderful vacation especially because my sissy and the baby (who is still in her tummy!) came to visit for 10 whole days! The Thursday before Easter we had a big Andrews gathering because Kristina and Jason were in town from Napa. Everyone came over and ate dinner. Its so fun when we all are able to get together and catch up. I love you all cousins and brothers and sis!

We had Grammy here with us from Good Friday until the Day after easter, so it felt like we were complete (minus Scott, we really missed you!). We had a beautiful Easter. We went to church and enjoyed great worship and a great message from Pastor Dennis. We then came home and we all relaxed, then had an Easter egg hunt with prizes for the winner and loser. Chris was the winner and Lisa the loser. They both won prizes and Bud, Katie, Jimmy and I stayed in the middle finding around 30 eggs each! We had such a yummy dinner and just enjoyed being with one another.

The week was so enjoyable. My mom, sissy and I just hung out everyday. We ran our basic errands, went to the movies, and out to lunch. We were super lucky and some days Dad took time off of work to come meet us! I wish I had taken pictures of the week, but my camera was dead and in all the fun I totally forgot. I have two pictures.

Also in great news....ITS A BOY!!!! Lisa and Scott just found out this week that the little baby in sissy's belly is a BOY! Jimmy and I could not be more excited for sis and Scott. We are so excited to meet our soon to be nephew. We love him so much already, and we can not wait to see how many blessings the Lord is going to bless Scott and Lisa with through this baby. I have really been focusing lately how amazing our God is and how he is continually providing and blessing our family! We are so thankful for our family. Scott and Lisa, we LOVE you guys so much!

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  1. I love grandma! tell her I say hi! and Lisa is a radiant mother to be of course