Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Home!

We have been living in the beautiful Escondido for a little over 2 months. I do have to say I would have never expected to live in Escondido but the longer we live there the more I enjoy it. It really does have a small town feel, which Jimmy and I love. We are feeling like we have community especially being so much closer to the church. It is so nice for Jimmy to have a 3 minute commute to work! We also discovered that Escondido has a farmers market every Tuesday that we enjoy walking to and picking out fresh flowers and getting fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade!

One thing that we have really enjoyed doing lately is finding old furniture at thrift stores, or using furniture that we already had and painting it and fixing it up. Our house is now completely decorated and we feel very cozy in our house! So far we have painted a tall dresser/chest thing (im not sure what to call it) bright teal. We also shabby chic-ed our kitchen table. We painted it white and bought a bench seat so we could sit now 7 people over for dinner. We then sanded it down so it looked a little used. We also hit the jack pot and found an old bed frame for our guest room. We got it 50% off! We also got two end tables that we sanded and painted all of it white. We also found some rad blue shelves for the guest room along with the art from LA. We love painting and seeing the potential of furniture. It has become a fun hobby that we love to do together. It has been fun to see both of our styles mix into one.

And so here it is complete & (lots..sorry) of our home!

We forgot to take pictures of the master bedroom but hey those will come later!


  1. sis! great updates! i loved it all! can't wait for you guys to come up and visit us. miss you already. love you!

  2. Love love the blog update! Your home is you two!

  3. homes. I wrote you an email to the gmail account I had for you.. hope its still the right one. your house is absolutely stunning. <3

  4. So adorable! you guys are the epitome of style and creativity! love you guys sooo much hope to see you and your amazing home soon ;)

  5. WOOOOWWZERRSS!! you guys are rockin' the blog-o-sphere these days!! what a treat to see so much Robeson goodness!! you guys are the BOMB.COM -- I LOOOOOVEEEEE everything about your home!!!! absolutely perfect! miss and love you guys!

  6. Wheeww... this is what I called a home... love the dining room.. :)