Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday Family Fun Day.

As usual Friday is in the Robeson home what we call "Friday Family Fun Day". This is because Jimmy has every Friday off of work so we try to do something really fun together as a family.

This Friday we woke up and walked to bagels. We pretty much do this every Friday and have even made friends with an older couple. They go to bagels every Monday-Friday and sometimes on Saturday so we see them almost every time we are there. They love to see and talk to Thatcher and its always a fun way to start the day. After bagels we walked home and put Thatcher down for a nap. While he was napping Jimmy and I got ready to go and packed up our lunches because we decided it was the perfect day to go to Safari Park.

When Thatcher woke up we got him ready really quickly and headed out. We got to the park at lunch time so right away we found a cozy spot and we all ate lunch. Thatcher has been a very happy eater and so I have just decided to feed him what Jimmy and I ate- corn and zucchini fritters. Yum. I mixed his with tofu and he loved it!

After lunch we headed to the Safari Tram. Last time we went to the park there was an hour and a half line for the tram so we decided to wait to go on it. This time we walked right u has to wait maybe 5 minutes and headed out on the safari. It was so fun! I had never been on the Safari and it was so cool to see all of the animals you don't get to see on foot at the park. The safari lasted about 30 minutes and then we decided to walk around to the parts of the park we had not seen yet. We saw so many cool animals! Thatcher loves to see the animals. We have a backpack carrier that we got off of ebay for 30$ and it has been the best investment ever. Thatcher loves to ride in it and its perfect for the zoo/safari park.

After walking around a little longer we decided it was time to head home for Thatcher to take his other nap. He was so exhausted he slept from 2:45 to 5:10 and only woke up because we woke him up for dinner! We had a fun cozy night in making dinner followed by a pit stop to look for cozy jammies for Thatcher. I had been on the hunt for a while since he's out growing his current pair and luckily found some! Overall it was a really fun "Friday Family Fun Day"- I will say its one of my favorite things that we get to do together!

Walking to bagels.

Fun at Safari Park!

A very rare occasion-
Thatcher passed out in my arms because he was so exhausted from all the fun at Safari Park!
(I loved it!)

Happy guy after dinner!


  1. You guys are so fun! We haven't been to the safari park in so long but I remember we had a ton of fun there! Thatcher is getting so big and even more handsome :)

  2. hello! :) safari park fun! We haven't taken Eleanor yet...we SHOULD go :)love your cute family & blog!