Tuesday, February 7, 2012

4 Cousins!!

A few weeks ago the Zaballos family came into town to meet Matix and so that the rest of the family could meet Reesey. It was pure baby amazingness at my parents that weekend! As usual when Lisa comes into town Jimmy, Thatcher and I pack up and camp out at my parents all weekend long. It usually looks like we are moving in for the month but in reality we are just staying for a few days.

The Zaballos family got into town late Friday night. Wy was asleep when he got home but we all got to see Reesey before she had to go to snooze town. Saturday we woke up and really just hung out. We fed the babes breakfast, played, put the babes down for naps, did hair. After Thatcher's morning nap Jimmy, my Dad and Scott took Wy and Thatchy to go walk the lake. They came home with two very hungry little guys! We ate lunch, played with the babes, hung out, put them down for their naps. It was really fun to just be hanging out at my parents not feeling like we need to be doing anything but catching up and chatting with one another.

I made some homemade tortillas (I'm trying to perfect my new skill like grammy) and mom made some bomb mexican food. Uncle Gary, Aunt Pat, Kristina and Jason all came over for dinner and so they could meet the babes. We had so much fun and after dinner and bath time we lined all the babes up in their matching stripped pjs and took their first ever cousin line up photo! It was the cutest! At the end Thatchy even leaned over kissed Reesey on the forehead and then scooted away. Melt my heart!

After dinner, we just hung out until it was time to go to bed. Thatcher was sleeping in the pack-and-play in our room. He is getting so big he sometimes gets stuck laying sideways in it. The night before he had woken up a few times screaming, so we'd just shhhh him and rub his back. Saturday night was a different story! He woke up about 5 times before 1 am. Finally at 1am, Jimmy and I decided to see if Thatcher would sleep in our bed with us (which mind you he has never done in his life, except for a nap or two when he was just weeks old). BIG mistake. Pulling Thatcher out of his crib and feeding him actually woke him up and he was ready to play, but we were not, so he started crying and screaming. We were so nervous he was going to wake Reese up in the room next over, so we tried playing with him, shhhh-ing him, and rocking him. Nothing worked. He was awake and not too happy. Finally at about 2:30am we decided to put him back in his pack-and-play. BIG mistake again. He started screaming, screaming and kicking the pack-and-play against the wall. We realized our only hope was to get in the car and drive home so Thatcher would/could get some sleep. We left my parents around 3am. Thatcher fell asleep in the car but woke up when we got home. He cried, but fell asleep until 4am and woke up crying again. I fed him and rocked him until 4:45am then went back to bed. Jimmy got up at 6:30am to go to church and Thatcher woke up at 7:15am ready for the day. Jimmy and I could not stop laughing at ourselves and Thatcher because he was just so confused and wanted to play and had no idea what we were doing. It was a funny parenting lesson for sure.

Sunday morning, Lisa called me to see why I went home. Turns out her, Scott and Reese didn't even hear Thatcher crying!! Thatcher and I got in the car and went back to my parents for pancakes! Yummy! We played with the babes and then Chris, Katie and Matix came over. Scott, Lisa, Jimmy and I got ready to go to see Cruzi get baptized. It was a really nice baptism and very special to be apart of Meg's and Cruzi's big day.

After the baptism we came home, had an early dinner and then sent the Zaballos Family off to the airport. It was a short but very fun trip and it is so fun to have all of the babies around! We are looking forward to the next time the Zaballos family comes back in town and also for Thatcher and I to go visit them!!

First of many cousin line-up photos!

Momma's & Papa's

Cousin Love!

Auntie Heaven.

Worlds best Pops and Grammie!

Sissy's and her babes!

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  1. Love love love...happy happy happy...what a GREAT weekend!