Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Fun-Days.

Thatcher and I are very lucky that Jimmy has Fridays off. We like to call them Friday Family Fun Day. This weekend was especially fun for us. Not so much that we did anything crazy but rather that we got to spend lots of fun time together. Friday we woke up and noticed we had a flat tire. (bummer) Big bummer because on Thursday we got and oil change on both cars and my car needed some coolant. We took the car to get new tires and then I went to the eye dr. I picked us up some bagels on the way home. (We noticed our flat tire on the way to bagels so our breakfast was a little late) After Thatchers morning nap we went and did some wandering around the mall. We found the most amazing beanies for Thatcher! After Thatchers afternoon nap we walked down the street to Old Navy. I just fell re-in love with Old Navy! Friday night my mom invited us over for some yummy mexican food for dinner.

Saturday we woke up and walked to bagels. Yummy! We found a local bagel place just down the street from our house that has very yummy bagels and I'm pretty excited about it. While Thatcher was sleeping Jimmy helped me cut my fabric so I could make burp cloths. Thatcher seems to go through so many so quickly so I wanted to sew some more! I got the idea from my wonderful sister who made me some before Thatch was born. In the afternoon we ran some errands to Target, then came home for some rest. Thatcher ended up not taking his mid-afternoon nap (yikes) but he's such a good little guy it didn't effect the rest of his day too much. Saturday or good friends Lizzy and Rich came over and we went to dinner at Pat & Oscars. Afterwards we just hung out chatting. There is something so comforting about sitting around talking to good friends. Lizzy and Rich live in LA so we don't get to see them as much as we'd like so we always soak it up when we get to see them.

Sunday after church Jimmy and I had a wedding to attend. Thatcher got to spend the day with his Grammie and Grandpa! He had the best time. He woke up this morning super chatty telling me all about the fun he had. (Thanks mom and dad!) The wedding we went to was beautiful. It was at the Pala Mesa Resort and the reception was at the Pala Casino. It was super vibey and fun. Id never been to a wedding like it!

I just love the weekends. They are always filled with family, fun, friends and food. Who could ask for more?


  1. SO fun hanging Saturday!!! Makes me sad we can't do it more often. Okay so I'm LOVING Thatch's beanie outfit... so cute! And love the burp cloths and how fashionable you two are in the last pic. Love you guys!!

  2. Such the hip little family!! Did Thatcher tell you that he LOVES spending time with his Grammie and Pops?? Cuz we love himmmmmm....