Monday, October 17, 2011

Palm Springs Anniversary Getaway.

On October 3, 2010 Jimmy and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. Sometimes I can't believe its already been two years, and other times I can't believe its only been two years. So much has happened!!

Last year for our anniversary we went to Palm Springs for a night. We thought it would be a fun tradition to do the same thing every year, so earlier this year we booked a trip to Palm Springs for the weekend before our anniversary. At first we could not decide if we should take Thatcher, and it was a very hard decision but we finally decided to go just the two of us. It was really really hard for me to be away from Thatcher for two days (some tears were shed) but I was able to rest easy knowing that he was being loved on by my parents, his Pops and Grammie, who he loves so much.

Sunday afternoon my parents came to pick Thatcher up and we were off to Palm Springs. We stayed at the beautiful Riviera Spa and Hotel. It was super close to down town Palm Springs which was really fun to be able to walk up and down the streets even though oddly everything was closed. Sunday night we got all dressed up and headed out for cheesecake factory. YUM. We were so stuffed but could not pass up taking a slice of cheesecake for the road.

Monday morning we went out to breakfast in downtown, then headed back to the hotel to lay by the pool. Because it was the middle of the week the pool was pretty empty which was really really nice. The weather was so nice. It stayed right around 100 degrees the whole time. Laying by the pool is so exhausting and all so Monday we took a nap, then got ready for an early dinner at CPK. Im not gonna lie... we dined with the old folks, we went to dinner at 4:30 but we did not eat lunch so we were starving!! After a yummy dinner we went to go see "The Help". I had already seen it but Jimmy had not. It was just as good the second time around. After the movie, being the dessert loving people we are, we went back to cheesecake to grab a slice to go. Its vacation, you're supposed to eat all you want ok?!

Tuesday morning we ordered room service and then packed up and headed home to see our little man. I never knew I could miss someone so much!! Thatcher even gave me almost 15 minutes of snuggle time before he went to bed on Tuesday. So special considering it is a rare occasion to get snuggles around here now-a-days!

But I will say this, it was such a fun trip to get to spend time just me and Jimmy. It was like we were dating all over again. I can not wait for many more years of trips to the desert in the fall! PS sorry all of the pictures of us look the same. When its only two of you thats the only way you can take capture the moment!

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