Monday, October 17, 2011

Catch Up Through Photos.

Here are some highlights of life in the last month through photos since Ive been slow to update.

It rained. Thatcher experienced it for the first time.

I made my first batch of maple cinnamon rolls (recipe found on the pioneer woman blog).

Thatcher went to the park for the first time. He went on the swings and on the slide with his dad.

We were cozy at home.

Thatcher got his first highchair.

Thatcher sat up for the first time alone (only for a few seconds but still).

Thatcher started sitting up in his sink bath.

Got some new cozy jammies.

Played with Dad when he got home from work.

Friday trips to bagels.

We are a family who loves beanies.

Went to visit dad and work.

Started sleeping like a stink bug.

Went to Petersons Donut.

Reunited with old friends to celebrate love.

Went to church with family.

Made bomb roasted vegetable minestrone soup (found on pioneer woman blog with a few modifications)

Sat in a highchair out to dinner with Harry and George.

Got lots and lots of snuggle time before bed.

Its been a really great few weeks. Thatcher is coming more and more alive and is beginning to have a personality of his own. I just love this little man to pieces, watching him discover the world is the greatest expierence ever!

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  1. Way to cute in the pictures!!! Love and kisses for my boy!