Saturday, June 4, 2011

Heaven Resounds

I am very excited to say that my very talented husband Jimmy Robeson's second CD will be released very soon! The CD entitled "Heaven Resounds" just got back from being mixed and mastered and all I can say is that it sounds AMAZING!! Jimmy has been working very hard on this CD and Thatcher and I are very proud of him.

You are all in for a big treat when you hear the CD. The CD talks a lot about the light that Jesus is to us and that He IS coming back for us. The CD also talks about God being our comfort when we are in a place of desperation. Jimmy was very blessed to work with some very talented artist in the christian music community. All I can say is that if you were blessed by his last CD you will be even more blessed by this CD. Jimmy has grown so much as a musical artist and this CD shows his growth. I will be sure to keep everyone posted on the release date of Heaven Resounds!

Yesterday Jimmy, Thatcher, Zach and I (Thatch woke up so excited to be his Uncle Zach's assistant he wore his camera so he could be ready to help when needed!) went on a mini road trip up to the Santa Ysabel area to do a photo shoot for the CD cover. We left around 2:30 and got up there around3:15. We did a little bit of scouting of the land and found as Zach put it an "epic" location. My job was to be the stylist, (not to hard of work, the clothes were already packed from home haha) to be the light assistant to the photographer and to hold Thatch Attack in the Ergo (which has become my new favorite mom accessory). Jimmy and Zach did most of the work while I held the light and watched. Thatch was a champ and just slept. He didn't make a peep, but boy did we wear him out. Our little guy was one sleepy guy when we wrapped the shoot!

Here is a sneak peak at the photo shoot plus a few family shots we took before the shoot started.


  1. Cannot WAIT for the CD to come out!! And love love love the behind-the-scenes pics! so fun and Zac was totally right-- looks like an 'EPIC' location!

  2. Love that little guy!! Photo shoot looked amazing!!!!

  3. PS....GREAT job on the blogging...keep up the good work!