Monday, May 30, 2011

Week Three!

Ok, so I know i have been a little photo crazy with these last few posts but hey, I'm a new mom, ok? I love to take photos of Thatcher all day while we hang out. I'm sure as time goes on the photos will slow down, but for now bear with me and enjoy the photos of the little man! I mean he will only be this little once in his life!

Thatcher's third week of life was a busy week! We hung pretty low on Monday - Wednesday. Monday night Thatcher got his first big-boy bath!! He loved it so much he slept through the whole thing. It was pretty hilarious. Jimmy and I were so excited to give him a real bath and see his facial expressions and then he slept through the whole thing! Well, I guess that's better than crying the whole time!!

On Thursday we drove up to Murrieta for Sharrah's bible college graduation. I have to say I was a little nervous as this was Thatch's first big outing as it was one where he was going to need to be quiet during the ceremony. He was such a champ, I had no need to worry. He sat in his Moby Wrap and just looked around quiet-as-could-be during the whole ceremony! Great job Thatch... and Sharrah congrats on graduation!

On Friday we took another mini road trip so Thatcher could meet his great-grandpa and great-grandma Robeson. This was a very special visit for everyone because this is grandpa and grandma Robeson's first great-grandchild and he is going to carry on the Robeson name. It was a very proud and special moment for grandpa Robeson. Grandma Robeson made us yummy lunch and we enjoyed the afternoon talking and enjoying each others company! Sadly we forgot to take a picture of Thatch with grandpa and grandma Robeson. That just means we will have to go back up for another visit soon!

After we went up to the Robeson's we stopped by Phil and Mal's house on the way home. They are our very dear friends and they were going out of town for a few days so we wanted to stop by to say goodbye. We are very grateful for their friendship in our life!

On Saturday we woke up and went to Panera for breakfast and then went to a friends wedding. It was Thatcher's first wedding and he was a champ again! We are so blessed with a very calm and peaceful baby!!

Sunday we decided to lay low again after Jimmy got home from church since we had such a busy week! And now more pictures of the little man who has stolen my heart!

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  1. Oh my gosh...THANK YOU for finally posting some beautiful pictures..I sure do love my little man!!!