Monday, May 30, 2011

Week Four!

Ok, so after this post, the millions of photos all at once will slow down! Jimmy and I finally received our new computer this week! We are so excited to have a computer for many reasons: one, being able to keep up with my blogging and two, of course to skype/ichat with all of our friends and family who do not live in town!

This last week was a relaxing one. Thatch and I didn't really do very much. We rested a lot! It was really nice. Especially coming off of such a crazy week the week before. On Friday night Jimmy and I went out on a date. We left Thatcher with grammy and grandpa and we headed off to dinner and a movie! It was really weird to drive off without our little man but we knew that he was in good hands! We went to Sammy's for dinner and then went to see "Something Borrowed" per my sisters recommendation. I loved it! I read the books (thanks Lizzy for referring them to me when we lived in ken-town...remember?) It was a really nice evening just talking and enjoying each others company!

Saturday we laid low again. We went for a walk across the Lake Hodges bridge and then sat in the shade at a park. It was a nice little outing on a beautiful day! We had a relaxing night at home playing UNO and enjoying tofu tacos! Yummy!! On Sunday Thatcher and I made it to church for the first time since he was born. It was really good to be back at Resonate. Thatcher went right to sleep to the sound of his dad rocking out! It was really sweet.

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  1. what a fun date night! and wow, time sure has flown by since those ken-town days!! and thatch is getting more and more handsome everyday!