Monday, May 30, 2011

Week Two!

Our second week home with Thatch, Jimmy went back to work. We are really grateful that Jimmy gets Fridays off. It gives us something to look forward to! Since it was my first time being alone with Thatch for a full day we did a lot of learning. We decided we would take Jimmy some lunch while he was the Pastor-On-Duty. It was a learning experience to bring Thatch into Subway and to order and carry out our food, all while holding him in his car-seat. And people were commenting to me about how small he is. Needless to say, I got really sweaty and flustered. From that trip I learned that there is no longer such thing as "running real quick" into a store. I love it though. It is so fun to experience and learn these lessons first hand. This week we also attempted to go grocery shopping. Thatch Attack and I went to Trader Joes. I carried him in his Moby Wrap and he slept the whole time. It was not nearly as scary as I had anticipated.

Also this week we did some more hanging and lunch dates with my mom, Lisa and Wyatt. The five of us also took a mini day trip to go see Grandma. It was her first time meeting Thatcher. Grammy is such a good great-grandma. She made Thatch the most amazing quilt! We love it and Thatch loves to do his tummy time on it!

Saturday morning we woke up and walked to get some doughnuts from the famous doughnut shop, Petersons. Yummy!! Also that afternoon Lisa and Wyatt went back home. We were sad to see them go, but grateful for the time that we got to spend with them (Scott, thank you for sharing your family with us...we wish you were here too!). Also, that Saturday night was Brookie's bridal shower. It was the first time I left Thatcher. He was in good hands with his dad at home, but boy was it a strange feeling to drive away from my house without Thatch. He had always been with me for the past 9 and a half months. While Thatch and his Dad had some fun guy-time, my mom and I went to Brookie's shower. It was so good to see Brookie and to celebrate her upcoming marriage to Danny!

And with that here are our two week old photos of T-man!t

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