Monday, May 17, 2010

What a wonderful weekend!

This weekend was so much fun! The Andrews family has some big news! On friday I called my mom and asked her what she was doing. She told me that she was going to go pick up a little puppy for her and my dad. I was so excited and could not believe it was true. We have officially welcomed Bailey into the Andrews family. She is 8 weeks old and is a very calm, loving, and beautiful dog.

Jimmy and I were so excited to have a Saturday where we had no commitments. We slept in and then went out to Beach Grass Cafe in Solana Beach for breakfast. We were all set and ready to go to the beach but unfortunately the sun never came out. After walking around some shops at the beach we decided to go spend the day with the new puppy Bailey and lay out at my parents house. We took Bailey to get a check up which ended up being an unsuccessful trip but Bailey and I bonded in the car ride.

Here are a few pictures of the Bailey and the weekend...

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