Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thatchers First Christmas.

We have had a very busy Christmas season and now that things have settled down I can collect my brain and pull my thoughts together!

We were very lucky and got to celebrate christmas not once, not twice, but three times this year! We celebrated Christmas as our little family of three on Christmas. I made cinnamon rolls on the 22nd and we saved them to eat on Christmas morning. We decided that maple frosting cinnamon rolls would be our family's christmas tradition we added this year.

We woke up on Christmas Eve morning got all cozy and opened gifts. We wrapped the little gifts we got Thatcher and it was really fun to see him open them. Granted he really had no idea what was going on but he seemed to enjoy opening his gifts and seeing what Santa left in his stocking. After opening our gifts we heated up our cinnamon rolls and made eggs and ate breakfast together. Thatcher took his nap as we got ready to head over to my parents and to go to church. Resonate had a Christmas Eve service this year that Jimmy lead worship for. It was really nice to be able to celebrate in our home service.

After church we went to my parents house and had tamales for dinner. YUM. Grams made a bunch of tamales and made me my own chile and cheese ones. We watched Christmas Vacation and then every one headed to bed.

When we woke up on Christmas morning Santa had arrived! My dad handed out all of the gifts like he always does and we opened them one at a time. We missed the Zaballos family this year, but it was an off year and Reesey was only a few weeks old. Next year Christmas will be so much fun with all the babes together!

Christmas day was very laid back, cozy, eating yummy food and relaxing. I love spending time at my parents house it just feels like home!

A few days after Christmas we went over to Jimmy's parents to celebrate Christmas with his dad, mom and sister. Jimmys parents were in Chicago celebrating christmas with his brother Scott on Christmas day. I made dinner and dessert and took it over. It was a really fun night catching up and opening gifts! It was fun celebrating a few days after christmas because it extended the celebrating for us!

Overall we had a very blessed christmas! We were beyond blessed with very nice gifts, but more importantly we were blessed to spend quality time with our families who we love so much. Thatchy was at such a fun age at Christmas my heart was just so happy. Having a child at Christmas makes it even more special to see them experiencing things for the fist time!

Christmas Eve Celebration!

Church on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Morning at Pops and Grammies.
(Thatcher in awe of all the gifts Santa brought!)

Twin picture with Pops and going on a walk with Grammie!

Laughing, new cozy pjs, and playing with the cars from Auntie Lisa and Uncle Scott!

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