Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thatchers first solid food!!

Yesterday was a very exciting day! Thatcher ate solid food for the first time!! Im not going to lie, I wanted to wait it out a little longer (starting solids is a whole new world) but yesterday Thatcher was officially over 6 months old, has one tooth in and another on the way and poor guy woke up early yesterday from either hunger or his tooth are my guesses. So, I decided yesterday was the day. Solid foods here we come!

Jimmy came home for his lunch so he wouldn't miss it. I feed Thatcher half of a feeding then got a bib on him (made by my sister. Its so cute right?!), put him in his highchair and began soon feeding him. It was amazing, he knew exactly what to do. I did not have to tell him to open his mouth. Every time the spoon got near his mouth he opened up and swallowed and then was ready for the next bite. It was so cute, he was so happy and such a big boy now. Part of me was totally sad, but it was definitely confirmed to me he was ready for solids with how well he did.

We started him on rice cereal mixed with breast milk and he will eat that for a few days. Our next food of choice will be sweet potatoes followed by avocado then banana. I have a baby food cooker I am really excited to try out on the sweet potatoes! Im thinking he did so well with the rice cereal he will love the sweet potatoes!! I look at Thatcher and can't believe it sometimes. My baby is not a tiny baby anymore. The last 6 months of my life have gone by faster than any before!

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  1. Yayyy...so glad your little man is doing so well! They must meet soon!!