Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day Jimmy!

The Lord has blessed me with an amazingly loving husband and I now get to see him be an amazing and loving dad. I am so grateful to the Lord because I get to see Jimmy display Christ's love to Thatcher everyday and I know he will continue to do so everyday for the rest of his life.

I adore watching Jimmy be a dad. This new chapter of our lives has been so fun and exciting and Jimmy has gone beyond my wildest dreams of loving our son. Every morning after Thatchers 7 a.m. feeding Jimmy and Thatch have special Dad/son time. Jimmy reads Thatch books, sings to him and the explore things around the house. It is so sweet to see. It melts my heart every morning.

Thatcher has such a good man in Jimmy to look up to. Not only are Thatcher and Jimmy twins in the way they look, I truly believe that Thatcher has Jimmy's character and personality. They are both so calm and loving. I am so excited to watch Thatcher grow up and to see him and Jimmy bond as men.

Jimmy, Thatcher and I love you so much!! Happy first fathers day!

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  1. AWW love this!! Happy fathers day JImmy! Love you guys... cant wait to see you guys when your back!