Monday, February 15, 2010

Hola Puerto Vallarta!

For our honeymoon we were so blessed. We went to my parents timeshare in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We had such an awesome time!! We did a whole lot of laying out and getting tan and a little sun burnt. We went on a few excursions during the day but for the most part we did a lot of resting and recovering from having the best party of our lives!

For our excursions we went swimming with the dolphins and got a kiss on the cheek from an otter. It was so much fun, dolphins are amazing. We also went on an ATV ride through the rain forest and ended up at a ropes course that we traveled back and forth across the rain forest. I was so terrified, but after the 3 rd out of 14 courses I began to enjoy myself. After the ropes course we were able to ride our ATVs back down the rain forest and through town. It was the first time we had ever rode ATVs and boy was it a blast! We also went into the downtown part of Puerto Vallarta a few nights, but for the most part we did a lot of staying on the resort.

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