Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thatchers First Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving this year was spent at my grandmas house. It was such a special year this year because it was Thatchers first Thanksgiving. We headed up to my grandmas shortly after we woke up and got ready for the day. Zach my very talented brother was going to take our christmas photos so we had to make ourselves presentable!

We got up to Grams house and I did her hair for her. After her hair was done we took our family picture, then Thatcher and my dad went for a walk where Thatcher fell asleep. It was pretty sweet. My dad said Thatcher was chatting with him and then he just passed out. We then got all of grams Christmas stuff out of the garage and decorated her house for Christmas while Thatcher took a little snooze. When Thatcher woke up it was time to eat. The food was so yummy and absolutely perfect! There were so many dessert options I had to have a little of everything! While we ate dessert Thatcher ate sweet potatoes so he could feel included in the Thanksgiving food.

After dinner and dessert we cleaned up and then headed out. Jimmy, Thatcher and I headed off to Jimmy parents to stop by and say hi for a little bit. Overall it was a really nice and very special Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to more holiday firsts with our little man!!

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