Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby Andrews Baby Shower.

This last weekend Lisa, Jamie and I had the honor of throwing my sister-in-law Katie a baby shower. Chris and Katie are having a baby boy due in the beginning of January and we could not be more excited for them! It is so fun that so far all of the first grandkids for each of our families are boys!! The boys will be a year and a half or less apart! Family get togethers are going to be so fun!

Saturday was Katie's shower. The theme was a "shower" shower. I wish I could take credit for the cute idea but I actually found it off of a blog on my moms pintrest. Lisa and Wyatt flew in on Thursday morning and the crafting for the party began. It always amazes me how fast a day can fly by when you are prepping for a party. Jamie took care of all of the games and one of the egg dishes, and Lisa and I were in charge of the other food and all of the decor. The shower was a brunch shower so we had three baked egg dishes, a fruit salad with yogurt dip, and maple and vanilla cinnamon rolls. YUM.

The shower was a total blast and Katie was so blessed by all of the guests and got so many amazing gifts! As usual I failed at taking pictures during the shower but I did remember to take some pictures before the guests arrived.

I also struggled at taking pictures of the boys this weekend! I was so busy time just flew past. I did manage to snap a few of the boys playing together. Its a good thing we are seeing the Zaballos family again this weekend so I can make up for missed twin photos of the boys!!


  1. so cute! I love the "cloud" yarn!

  2. so cute! you're so great. I love every last detail! xo