Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wyatt turns 1.

On Monday August 15th, our nephew Wyatt Scott Zaballos turned 1 year old! (Happy birthday Wy- we love you more than you know!) This past weekend Thatcher and I got to go up North to celebrate with Wyatt and the whole Zaballos family. It was so much fun and my sis did a great job planning the party!

Thursday morning my mom, Thatcher and I were dropped off at the airport for a super fun trip. We got up north around mid morning and sis and Wy picked us up. We went to the mall to kill some time before Lisa's doctors appointment. Did I mention my sis and Scott are expecting babe #2! Yay. I am going to love that munchkin so so much! We went to Lisa's doctors appointment where she and Scott found out what babe #2 is (I'll let Lisa share the exciting news on her blog of what sex the babe is.) We then went to a celebration lunch at chipolte and ate yummy sprinkles cupcakes! Thursday night we did hair and watched some FNL. Pretty much an amazing night in my opinion.

Friday we woke up and decided that we would go back to the mall to look for fun things for babe #2. We like to shop, ok? Friday my dad flew in and we picked him up from the BART station. Jimmy was not able to come up this weekend because we were just out of town the weekend before but he was there in heart.

Saturday was the big party day. We had so much fun celebrating little Wy, who I must say is absolutely a joy to be around. He smiles at you and makes you feel like you are the most special person in the world. It melts my heart. I also being the crazy auntie I am taught Wy how to do the toostie roll dance. He loved it. The party was a sandwich bar party which was such a cute idea. Super yummy and easy. Great job sis. The kiddie pool was out and the kids were having so much fun playing in it. All of Wyatt's cousins were at the party. 6 kids. It was so much fun! Saturday we went back to the mall (again, yes, I said we like to shop). After the mall we went out to sushi for dinner then went home put the little guys to bed and watched the soloist.

Sunday we went to livermore where there is a fabric store I love! I got some fabric and my sis is going to make me another hooter hider. I am going to make myself some more burp cloths. Thatcher seems to go through 12 burp cloths in two days. Crazy little guy. We went to lunch at a yummy brewery and then went home to rest. Sundays are the best for resting. Before we knew it, it was time to head off to the airport. Im always sad to say goodbye to sis, Scott and Wy. We love spending time with them.

Jimmy picked us up from the airport and Thatcher was so excited to see his dad!

Scott, Lisa and Wy- Thank you so much for having us up. We love you guys and can't wait to see you soon!!

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