Monday, June 27, 2011

Thatch Attack & Wy Guy!

Last Wednesday Thatcher took his very first flight! He did amazing!! Thatcher and I flew up to visit with Scott, Lisa and Wyatt and Jimmy met us up there on Thursday. We has such a fun time, we were sad to go. Our trip went by too fast, but I am happy to say that it will only be a week before we get to see the Zaballos family again!

Wednesday was our travel day, and as I said Thatcher did amazing on his first flight! He slept the whole entire time and did not make a peep! We were greeted at the airport by sis and Wy. Wyatt is so cute when he sees Thatcher. He gets the biggest smile on his face and starts making lots of noise and tries to touch Thatch. It is so sweet. It warms my heart. They will be the bestest of buds. We collected our bags and then headed off to lunch. We went to chipolte for lunch and then went home so the boys could take their naps. After the boys naps Lisa's mother in law Debbie came by to meet Thatcher. While Debbie was there we all watched Wy scoot around in his kiddie pool. It was so cute! He's getting so grown up it blows my mind! Later that evening Scott came home from work and we ate yummy Taco Salad for dinner. After dinner sis and I gave Thatch a bath and then put the boys to bed. Lisa then introduced me to the show Friday Night Lights, which I have officially become addicted to.

Thursday morning we got up and hung around the house after breakfast while the boys took their morning naps. Lisa and I got ready and when the boys woke up we went to the mall. It was really fun to go shopping together. Since we don't live in the same town it was fun to pretend for the day we did! We ate some lunch while we were out then went home for more naps for the little guys. It also ended up to be a nap for Lisa and I seeing as we fell asleep mid conversation! Later in the day Scott came home from work and Jimmy got into town. I went to pick Jimmy up from the BART station and let sis and Scott have some fun time with Thatcher. We laid pretty low Thursday night, eating dinner and bomb peach cobbler and introducing Jimmy to Friday Night Lights!

Friday after getting ready for the day we went into Livermore to go to the best fabric store ever! After wandering around the fabric store for a while we got some yummy Mexican food for lunch. After lunch we had to go to Tiffany's Cupcake for dessert. We ordered yummy cupcakes and a cookie. We ate the cookie right away and saved the cupcakes for dessert. Clearly we love dessert!! After the boys afternoon nap we decided to get the ready for Mexico by playing in the pool. At first Thatcher was not sure about the pool but he ended up loving it!! Wyatt was so cute and even tried to play with Thatch in the pool. Watching them in the pool was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Its so sweet to see them together! When Scott got off of work we decided to go for BBQ for dinner. I have a new found love for BBQ which is slightly funny considering I'm a vegetarian; Armadillo Willy's had some bomb BBQ! I will definitely be going back there on one of my next visits. After dinner we went home put the little guys down and did some haircuts and ate our cupcakes! Yummy!!

Saturday the little guys both decided to wake up a little early. Cousins must think alike! We walked to Scott and Lisa's favorite bagel place for yummy breakfast. On our way home we saw a couple of garage sales. Jimmy and I love to garage sale so we walked over. Stopping by one garage sale turned into stopping at 4 and Scott going back to make a purchase. Scott and Jimmy going back lead them to go to more garage sales where Lisa ended up getting an amazing vintage buffet for her house! Lucky!!

Before we knew it the time had come to pack up and head home! Scott and Lisa dropped us off at the airport and before we knew it Thatch had made his second flight. He was a champ again not making a peep! He will do great next weekend on our flight to Mexico!

Scott, Sissy and Wy thank you so much for having us! We love visiting and love you guys so much!


  1. Twice as much love!!! I loved seeing the cuzzies stinkin' cute!

  2. this is the best post!! so sweet to see thatch and wy guy having so much fun together!! plus you and lees with your little boys, so special!! ps, can you ladies get anymore gorg? for reals. love you all!!!