Friday, November 18, 2011

Road Trip 2011 Part 2.

Recap: Saturday morning after coffee and a nice walk on the pier in SB, it began to rain so we decided it was the perfect time to head up to SLO to wait for the Z fam and my parents.

When we got into SLO after it raining on and off for the drive up, we went to our hotel to try to check in and get shelter from the rain. Sadly we were informed that the room would not be ready for a few hours. We decided to go to my favorite place to eat in SLO Gus's. YUM.

We have not been to SLO for almost two years and it was so good to be back. Even though I did not go to school there, I slightly feel like I did. I made friends with all of Lisa's friends and I even went to women's retreat with Cal Poly Campus Crusade. Lisa lived in SLO for I think 7 years, so it very much feels like a place I spent a lot of time at. I will say it was VERY weird to be in SLO without Lisa at my side or even in the town. I have never been there without my sissy and it was good to know she was on her way to meet us!

After lunch it really began to rain so we ended up feeding Thatcher Ace in the car and then we headed to the worlds largest Forever 21. It was the only place I new we could escape the rain and walk around for an hour. After lots and lots of "window shopping" we called our hotel and our room was ready.

When we got to our room we noticed that it was way bigger than we had anticipated. There were two bedrooms! This was especially nice because since we packed an air mattress this meant that we could all stay in the same room, which made late night hang outs way better!

Jimmy, Thatcher and I rested for a little and were soon met by my parents. We then all hung out for a little while and then it was time to go to Firestone to meet up with the Z fam. My dad and Lisa love firestone so they were very excited to be eating dinner there. After dinner we walked around downtown (it had stopped raining!) got frozen yogurt and went to the candy store then went back to the hotel to watch some Dateline.

Saturday morning the little guys woke up pretty early. They were staying in the room with my mom and dad so it was kind of nice to get a few extra minutes of snoozing in. Once we were all up and ready we headed across the street to the apple farm for breakfast. They have the yummiest jam that comes with their biscuit. So yummy I asked for another side and then was given a huge bowl of it and charged for the extra. Oops!

After breakfast it was still really early so we went back to the hotel for a little rest for Thatchy. We then decided to go to Avila Farm to walk around. Before we went to the farm we stopped by the Spooners to say hello to Jennie and Sarah and Mrs. and Mr. Spooner before the wedding. The farm was so fun! We took lots of fun pictures (lots!), walked around the store, and looked at the animals. The air was so crisp it really made for a perfect fall day!

After the farm we headed back to Gus's for another lunch. YUM again! After lunch we went downtown to walk around for a little bit before heading back to the hotel so mom and dad could get ready for the wedding. Thatcher was such a trooper. He was very much off of his schedule he even fell asleep in the stroller which is a rarity these days.

Lisa and I dropped my mom and dad off at the wedding while Scott and Jimmy went mountain bike riding. Lisa, Wy, Thatcher and I wanted to go to Urban but their elevator was broken. Lame. So we did some more walking around before walking to the church to "spy" on the wedding. We decided we wanted to get close to the chapel but we had to go up stairs so we one at a time lifted both stollers up the stairs, while practically peeing our pants laughing because we were in some strange couples engagement photos with their dogs. (I promise it was funnier than it sounds). Soon after that Sarah sees us and tells Beth the bride to wave at us, right as the church bells go off and Lisa and I bonk our strollers into each other. I don't think it comes across as funny as it was in person. We were dying of laughter! Thats why I love my sissy, we are ALWAYS laughing!

The boys met us downtown after their ride,and we grabbed my parents and headed back to the hotel where we packed up all of our stuff and hit the road. It was a very quick but VERY fun trip! The next time I see my sis she will be in LABOR!!! Baby girl is coming soon. I CAN NOT wait!!!! It was so good to be able to have this last get together!

Dad, Mom, Sis, Scott and Wy- Thanks for spending the weekend with us. We love you guys!

Gus's! How I have missed you!

Laughing while waiting for Grandpa and Grammie to get to the hotel!

Walking to The Apple Farm.

Avila Farm.

The Robesons.

The Zaballos.

Grandpa and Grammie.
(and their guys!)


My Peeps.

Wyatt and Thatcher.
(Best Friends.)

Walking downtown.

Sleepy Guys.


  1. The BEST weekend in a long time!!! Loved spending time with all of you..missed the boys and Katie!

  2. cute pictures! you sure can tell who your baby's daddy is!!!! ahh girl.... he got a lot of Jimmy!! hope you are well!