Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catch Up Through Photos.

Jimmy, Thatcher and I have been having a lot of fun around town lately. I can't really remember every detail from the last week or so but I do know we are loving experiencing life as a family of three. Here are a few photos of what life looks like for the Robeson Family!

Played mustache dress up before bed.

Walked to the park on a cozy fall day.

Splashed in the Bumbo.

Hung out with Dad after work.

Tried water. Not too sure about it.

Wore a bow-tie. Why not?

Thatchers TWO teeth began to show when he smiles!

Went for brisk morning family walks.

Got new pants. Thanks Grammie!

Had fun laughing before church, fell asleep on the way home, and woke up in a really happy mood for cozy Sundays!


  1. I LOVE all those pictures..I need some of those sent to my phone!!!!

  2. I love the tears & mustache one...Thatcher!! You cant be sad and wear a mustache!!! They are just way too fun!

    He's so stinkin cute!