Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Jimmy, Thatcher and I are home safe from Austin. Austin is an amazing city with so much to explore. I know I say it all the time but I always forget to take pictures so I tried to take at least a few when we were exploring the city.

When we arrived on Wednesday afternoon, we were picked up by the Wahlstrom family- Stephen, Summer, Josiah and Landon. The cutest family. The two boys wanted to take us to Torchys Tacos to try some real Tex-Mex. I got a fried avocado burrito and we all got some fried cookie dough. Now, it may sound gross, but it was amazing! I wanted to go everyday. It was chocolate chip cookie dough coated in corn flakes deep fried. YUM. After lunch we went to our hotel. Thatcher was pretty tired from a long day of travel and the 106 degree temperature so we decided to stay in the hotel while Jimmy played at church on Wednesday night.

Thursday Jimmy did not have any playing commitments so the Wahlstrom's took us into Austin. We went to South Congress which is a real hip part of town. We walked around (sweating) but loving going into all of the local shops. There was a parking lot with a bunch of food trucks which was really cool to see. Food trucks were all over town, which was cool to see. We went to lunch then headed back to the hotel for some rest. We all took a nap, then the three of us went to potbelly's for dinner. YUM. I discovered pot belly's when my sister and I were in Chicago with her friends for her bachelorette party. I absolutely love potbelly's...so much so we ate there twice on our trip. Thursday night we went over to hang out at Stephen and Summers super cute house. It was nice to just hang out as all of the boys slept upstairs.

(Side note: While we were in Austin Thatcher discovered himself in the mirror. After bath time we would hold him in front of the mirror and he would talk and smile and laugh at himself. Pretty much the cutest thing I think I have ever seen. And, he discovered his fingers. Ah, he's getting so big!)

Friday morning we all met for bagels. Then we went back for Thatcher's mid-morning nap. While we were in Austin Thatcher switched from a feed every 3 hour to every 4 hour schedule. It was kind of an accident how it happened. I was going to start when we got back but it actually worked really well while we were out and about. That extra hour really makes a difference. The three of us went into the city again and walked and drove around. We went to the University of Texas. It was especially fun to go to because Lisa has gotten us addicted to Friday Night Lights and so it was fun to go where the show was filmed. (Side note- the church who invited us to Austin is located next to the school where FNL is filmed. We got to go to "Dillon High" on Sunday. It was so exciting for me). We also went to the state capitol. It was really cool to see. Friday night Thatcher and I stayed in again while Jimmy played at the worship conference.

Saturday morning Jimmy lead worship and taught a song writing class at the conference. Thatcher and I stayed at the hotel (which is when I took most of my photos from the trip) and then Jimmy picked us up for lunch. After lunch we went to the super target. It may seem weird to go to Target while in Austin but it was so fun to see all the stuff our target doesn't have! Saturday night we went out to dinner for tex-mex-polonisian food. Sounds strange yes, but also very yummy. I love food so it was fun to try new things!

Sunday we went to church and were really blessed by all of the sweet people we met. After church we went to "Dillon High" to take some pictures. It sounds weird but if you watch the show you know how awesome it was! Before we knew it, it was time to head off to the airport to come back to San Diego. We were so blessed and grateful to experience Austin and to meet such nice people. Thatcher is becoming a professional flyer. We are headed up to see the Zaballos on Thursday to celebrate Wyatt's 1st birthday. It will be Thatchers 4th flight!


  1. hooorayyyy to a nice long blog post with plently of pictures!!!! sounds like Austin was a blast--and fried cookie dough???? OMG. sign me up. thatch is getting SO big! he is so cute and i loved the mirror story! soooo exciting he's growing up! miss you guys, looove you!