Monday, August 1, 2011

3 years and counting!!!

Three years ago Jimmy and I started dating. I know many people would say, "You aren't dating anymore, you're married," but I beg to differ. I will never stop dating Jimmy. Three years ago my life changed. I started dating the man who would become my husband and also the father to my amazingly adorable son.

Life has changed so much over the last three years and I would change none of what has happened. Not only has the obvious happened- Jimmy cut his long hair off and I grew out my short hair, my name changed from Emili Andrews to Emili Robeson and we had a son. So much more has happened. I have learned to love harder and to forgive easier. I have learned what it means to have sacrificial love for someone. I have learned what it looks like to be a wife, to serve my husband above all things except my Lord and Savior. I could not have learned all of these things without Jimmy.

You see, I knew I was going to marry Jimmy the day I met him in October of 2004. He didn't realize it then, but I sure am glad he realized it on June 8, 2009 when he proposed to me. Although I knew I was going to marry Jimmy, I could have never imagined how blessed and beautiful our life would be together. I am so thankful to the Lord that He brought Jimmy and I together in his perfect time three years ago!

I sit here in awe of how much has changed in three years. I have been blessed with an amazing family. Sometimes I still can barley believe I have a family of my own. Its crazy and awesome all at the same time!

Jimmy and Emili over 3 years:


  1. Emili! I am so glad I found your blog. You guys are amazing. Love all the pics of Thatcher and the pics of you two. Such a cute couple. I love how happy you are! Hopefully one day I will get to catch up with you in real life! xoxo (alexis hawkes)