Wednesday, March 16, 2011


On Monday, Jimmy and I got to see Thatcher! We had an appointment to get an ultrasound to make sure that Thatch was growing on schedule, and boy were we in for a fun suprise. As the ultrasound tech was making all of her measurements she said, "oh this will be fun for you guys" and clicked over on the screen and we got to see him in 4D! It was such a fun suprise and such a special moment. I totally teared. 4D photos are so insane, we could see his face very clear, his cute little nose and lips, and I must say so far from what we can see he is going to be a mini Jimmy! The question still up in the air is whose coloring is he going to take, and will he have hair?

Along with getting to see him so clearly, we got a great report from the doctor we went to see. It was his first time seeing us, and he said that Thatch tested 8 out of 8 for activeness, and all of his organs were growing healthy and strong. I am now 33 1/2 weeks along and Thatch measures for the length and weight of a 34 1/2 week baby. He already weighs 5 pounds 1 ounce!! OH BOY! Its so crazy to me how they can see so much and measure his bones and stomach and see how much he weighs.

Rumor has it, at this point in the pregnancy the baby will grow about a pound a week....yikes! Maybe Thatch will make an early enterance into the world! We are so excited to meet him and love him, and seeing the 4D only made us more excited!

And now for your enjoyment...a sneak peak of our little guy Thatcher Ace Robeson!


  1. ...and cue mass text reply from Lizzy--hahaha. AHH so excited for you guys!

  2. maybe we wont have to worry about wyatt looking like a giant next to thatch! hahaha jk he's going to be soooo cute!!!!! can't wait, come soon thatch! and lizzy, consider yourself an advanced iphone user, i dont even know how to reply to all!! hahah

  3. Love the blog...but love love love the pic..Can't wait to meet Thatcher! Grammie's boy!!!